Our Work

AF Seguros is an insurance broker focused on risk and benefits management. We are specialists on quality, costs and management on the insurance field. Furthermore, we recognize the importance of a previous analysis, that´s why we always try to know the client´s plans and the risks of the operation. Our consulting service happens from the account analysis to the assertiveness of the offered products. Filling the market´s demand for technology, we are the only company in Brazil to offer the AF WEB: an online service of inclusion and exclusion of beneficiaries in the group life insurance. Besides the help that the system provides to the HR, AF Web it´s the easiest and safest way to management a group life insurance. Our team of specialists develop a personalized project for each client always trying to help the client to achieve their goal.

Work Method


The first step to start our relation with the client is to identify their needs. We always make an effort to align the client´s goals to results.


With the collected data we start analyzing the areas of risk and benefits. Our team develop a diagnostic of the client´s account.

Propose a Solution

After the diagnostic our specialists build up a solution to help the client to achieve their goal.

Delivery and Follow Up

The work of our team doesn´t end with the insurance activation. We follow all of the client´s trajectory, making sure that the company is on the right path.


AF Seguros offers a consulting service costume made for your company. Our goal is to execute a periodic follow up with the client making a technical and financial management of your account.


Group Life Insurance

Business Health Insurance

D&O Insurance

General Civil Liability Insurance

Aviation Insurance

Locate Security Guarantee

Equipment Insurance

Financial Business Insurance

Business Succession Insurance

School Insurance

Residencial Insurance

Odontologic Insurance

Private Social Security

Business Social Security

Insurance Guarantee

Guarantee for construction, supply or provision of services

Guarantee for concessions

Guarantee for buy and sell of energy



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